Welsh Wild Flowers

Angharad Menna, daughter of Susan Williams-Ellis is an accomplished botanical illustrator, and her designs of Welsh hillside flowers beautifully adorn this range of Portmeirion China, producing a crisp and contemporary feel. In 1994 Portmeirion launched a revolutionary new material for their pottery. After extensive research they produced a product that had all the qualities of both bone china and porcelain but without any animal bone. They named this amazing new substance 'Portmeirion China' and Susan Williams-Ellis created a whole new elegant shape of ware to compliment this feat, which she named Moonstone. The designers at Portmeirion initially developed five new designs for the new Moonstone shape which were Ladies Flower Garden, Summer Garland, Ancestral Jewels, Welsh Wild Flowers and Moonstone Gold.

Portmeirion Welsh Wild Flowers China Large Coffee Pot, WWF1

Price: £70.00