Chickens and Ducks

Portmeirion Hens are instantly recognisable by the two, distinctively cute little chicks under the wings. Originally from the old Kirkham's pottery archives, these traditional 'Old Staffordshire' style egg holder hens have always been popular. Kirkham chickens in white could be found on advertisements from the late 50's. By 1963 Portmeirion had introduced a Rockingham Brown glaze for their Hens, producing them in their oven-to-table range of pottery and by 1968 they had five sizes of chicken from the largest size 1, down to the smallest size 5. By the 1970's the Hens were available in matt and gloss white, green, cobalt blue and brown. The sizes available were then reduced to 1, 2 and 3. The blue and green glazes were withdrawn in 1973 and Numbers 3 and 2 sizes were withdrawn in 1983, leaving the white, number 1 Hen alone until it was retired in 1994. Truly a collecting classic if you can find them, particularly the rarer blue and green hens and the rarer sizes.

Portmeirion Pottery Brown Chicken Size 2 Casserole Dish/Egg Store, H32

Price: £30.00