Victorian Cook's Collection

A selection of the Portmeirion Victorian Cook's Collection for you to own from Purely Portmeirion.

In 1996, Susan's daughter Anwyl Cooper-Willis, Design Director at Portmeirion Pottery, launched a new range for the company called 'The Victorian Cook's Collection'. Using various sources of typical Victorian book illustrations and 'scraps' and Mrs Beeton's Book of Home Management for inspiration, Anwyl created 'a light hearted design for serious cooks'. Anwyl used small illustrations of herbs, sentiments and kitchen gadgets printed in green with a hint of green behind the motifs, creating a clean but decorative design. There was only a small range of items in the collection such as a 9in mixing bowl, storage jars, Staffordshire jugs and large serving pieces but it also included a number of accessories including oven gloves, aprons, teatowels and teacosy.

Portmeirion Victorian Cooks 0.5 Pint Staffordshire Jug, VC1

Price: £25.00

Portmeirion Victorian Cooks 0.5 Pint Staffordshire Jug, VC5

Price: £25.00

Portmeirion Victorian Cooks 2 Pint Staffordshire Jug, VC7

Price: £45.00

Portmeirion Victorian Cooks 9 Inch Salad/Mixing Bowl, VC3

Price: £50.00