Similar in style and technique to Totem and Cypher, Samarkand is an Eastern inspired embossed pattern on the surface of the pottery designed by Susan in 1963 and launched in 1964. Unlike the other two designs, the raised areas were carefully hand painted in brightly coloured glazes; blue and green, purple and green, blue and purple, orange and yellow and pink and rust on a white body shape. The most common variant made (and found today) was the body totally covered in an amber coloured glaze and highlighted with red and black. Produced on dinner ware, coffee sets and storage jars, one of the most flamboyant and decorative pieces was the covered tureen. With its medieval shaped lid and triangular pattern, the totally impractical ball finial just made it look like a fantastical circus tent. A trade buyer suggested the tureen could be used as a punch bowl and therefore Susan designed the dual purpose punch cup/soup goblets to work with it.

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