A selection of the lovely retro geometric design of Portmeirion  Tivoli, by Susan Williams Ellis.

Like the Variations design, Tivoli was a patterned transfer that could be cut down to fit any shape of pottery. Susan was inspired by a visit to the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen and created a very graphic pattern of squares, circles, diamonds and stars. She originally created the design in bright colours of pink and blue, violet and grey and red and orange. However, Susan was persuaded to market two softer versions of blue and brown and turquoise and olive green and the design was launched in early 1964. Although the design on Susan's new Serif shape caught the attention of many admirers, it never sold in the quantities she had hope for and was therefore only produced for a few years.

Portmeirion Tivoli Ceramic Lidded Storage Jar, SM-TV22

Price: £450.00

Portmeirion Tivoli Sifter, Blue and Brown, SM-TV20

Price: £75.00

Portmeirion Tivoli Sifter, Green and Turquoise, SM-TV21

Price: £75.00