Ella Doran

A selection of the Flo design of Portmeirion pottery, by Ella Doran.

Ella Doran is an award-winning designer known for her striking designs which are often a play on cultural associations and icons. She began her business business in the late 1990s and has worked with The Royal Society of Arts, the Glasgow School of Art, the Tate, John Lewis and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. In 2001 Ella Doran was approached directly by Susan Williams Ellis with a request to license the Ella Doran ‘Femme’ design to Portmeirion Potteries. Their working relationship continued through to 2004, with further designs for the iconic brand including the Flo, Fiji, Tropical Fruits, Tahiti and Coffee designs, under the sub-brand ‘Ella Doran at Portmeirion’. Portmeirion produced and distributed Ella’s work, calling her a ‘cutting-edge tableware and accessories designer’, praise indeed from by Portmeirion founder and legendary English potter Susan Williams Ellis.

Portmeirion Flo By Ella Doran Coffee Pot, ED1

Price: £50.00

Portmeirion Flo By Ella Doran Covered Sugar Bowl, ED2

Price: £25.00

Portmeirion Flo By Ella Doran Milk Jug, ED2a

Price: £20.00