Botanic Roses

A selection of the glorious Portmeirion Botanic Roses design.

Botanic Roses

Portmeirion Botanic Roses was a collection designed by Susan and inspired by her love of roses and friendship with David Austin, the world famous rose grower. The collection is made up of six beautifully sumptuous illustrations of roses. It still features the iconic Portmeirion border pattern of green laurel leaves on the items and can therefore be combined with any of the Botanic Garden range of pottery, as well as forming a collection on it's own merit. This beautiful range was sadly retired in 2010.

There were six Rose motifs used in this collection:
Fragrant Cloud (Red), Tamora Peach (Peach), Portmeirion Rose (Pink), Warn Wishes (Orangy pink), Scarborough Fair (Pale pink) and Teasing Georgia (Yellow).

Portmeirion Botanic Roses Dessert Plate Fragrant Cloud, BR20

Price: £12.00

Portmeirion Botanic Roses Dinner Plate Fragrant Cloud, BR6

Price: £15.00

Portmeirion Botanic Roses Large Open Bowl Portmeirion Rose, BR2

Price: £45.00

Portmeirion Botanic Roses Mandarin Shaped Mug, Portmeirion Rose, BR3-4a

Price: £13.00