Vintage Kelloggs

As 'everything vintage' has become so popular of late, it comes as no surprise that Portmeirion have come up with the perfect pattern. Using images of real Kellogg's advertisements, Portmeirion have designed a vibrant collection of pottery bearing a colourful montage of retro Kellogg's designs. Portmeirion have achieved a perfect mix of modern practicality and memories of a colourful bygone age. Some items have red polkadot ribbons to attach the tags to the items, matching up with the injection of the same pattern on the pottery. Vintage Kellogg's is a very uplifting design and fits the brief for all dedicated followers of vintage. This pattern has now been discontinued.

Portmeirion Pottery Vintage Kelloggs Dinner Plate, VK21-22

Price: £15.00

Portmeirion Pottery Vintage Kelloggs Espresso Cup And Saucer Set, VK37-39

Price: £12.00

Portmeirion Pottery Vintage Kelloggs Pair Of Eggcups, VK17-20

Price: £10.00

Portmeirion Vintage Kelloggs Foldable Shopping Bag, VK12

Price: £7.00

Portmeirion Vintage Kelloggs Oven Gauntlet, VK13-16

Price: £9.00

Portmeirion Vintage Kelloggs Set Of Six Coasters, VK11

Price: £8.00