This fantastic abstract pattern, designed by Susan Williams-Ellis and launched in 1964, overcame the dilemma of the costs of transfer sheets being wasted. Whole sheets of the pattern could be cut in many different ways (hence the name Variations) to fit almost any of the pieces of pottery Portmeirion produced. This was an ingenious idea and led to many of these items bearing unique placements of the pattern. The Variations design was initially produced on the Serif range of shapes, followed by the Cylinder shapes and Imperial tankards, sifters, storage jars and cruet sets. This very desirable design, which looks almost current-day, was withdrawn in 1968.

Portmeirion Variations Half Pint Milk Jug, V11

Price: £30.00

Portmeirion Variations Half Pint Milk Jug, V9

Price: £30.00

Portmeirion Variations Pair Of Vintage Side Plates, V4

Price: £30.00

Portmeirion Variations Vintage Milk Jug, V6

Price: £25.00

Portmeirion Variations Vintage Sugar Bowl, V1

Price: £20.00

Portmeirion Vintage Variations Sifter, SM-V10

Price: £75.00