Rose And Passion Flower

A Selection Of Rose And Passion Flower Design; From Portmeirion Pottery.

Rose & Passion Flower

The Rose and Passion Flower motif was taken by Susan from a late eighteenth century watercolour and rendered in a more relaxed and softer look than her Botanic Garden designs. Produced from late 1977, early 1978, the design uses a pallette of blue, green and pink and the motif remains the same on all pieces. Susan combined the motif with a pretty, petal shaped design that looked like hand painted brushstrokes, similar to a bargeware design her daughter went on to use on the Welsh Dresser design. This border, used on flatware pieces was created in a pale blue colour to compliment the motif. Although this design was conceived as a giftware range, a month after going on sale it was decided that it should be produced on all the same items as Botanic Garden. It was, sadly, discontinued in 1983.

Portmeirion Rose And Passion Flower 10.5 Inch Dinner Plate, RPF4

Price: £20.00

Portmeirion Rose And Passion Flower Espresso Cup & Saucer, RPF1

Price: £15.00

Portmeirion Rose And Passion Flower Jumbo Cup & Saucer, RPF5

Price: £30.00

Portmeirion Rose And Passion Flower Sugar Bowl RPF2

Price: £15.00