Phoenix was actually launched in 1968 despite having all the visual hallmarks of a typical 70's designed piece of work. It was incredibly popular and became 'the' must-have wedding present of the time and it was the last Cylinder style pattern in production when it was withdrawn in 1983. Susan William-Ellis had her Phoenix concept designed by her assistant designer John Cuffley, previously a jazz drummer who worked at Portmeirion from 1967- 1971. He had wonderful calligraphy skills and it was he that also produced the Moon landing, Mayflower and Zodiac designs. Although mostly produced gold on black, there are some examples of gold on brown and a few printed with white or orange on black. John Cuffley drew the actual Phoenix in the same style as the Zodiac star signs, in a typical crocheted look, and it appears as a single motif on each piece, reduced appropriately to fit the item.

Portmeirion Phoenix Purple Part Coffee Set, SM-P32

Price: £95.00

Portmeirion Phoenix Sugar Bowl By John Cufflely, P6

Price: £15.00

Portmeirion Pottery Phoenix Coffee Cup And Saucer, By John Cuffley, P15-P20

Price: £15.00

Portmeirion Pottery Phoenix Coffee Pot, By John Cuffley, P12

Price: £30.00

Portmeirion Pottery Phoenix Milk Jug, By John Cuffley, P13

Price: £15.00

Portmeirion Pottery Phoenix Sugar Bowl, By John Cuffley, P14

Price: £15.00