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Paul Cardew Studio Design Eterni-Tea Globe Teapot, TP128

This incredible teapot formed part of the first of the exclusive Cardew Studio range of items Paul Cardew ever produced. The whole of the ensemble consisted of a stone sculpture of Atlas, crouched on a plinth of rock carrying the world on his shoulders. Beside him is a broken Greek column displaying broken pieces of miniature crockery and shells inside. 'The Atlas figure, with his little kiss curl, unintentionaly looks remarkably like Tony Curtis', remarked Paul to us. His humour and wit always shines through everything he makes! The crowning glory of this piece is the Globe teapot itself, and the only section of the ensemble that we have for sale. The teapot is the world in relief. The land masses are raised and unglazed, having a 'biscuit' type texture. The oceans and seas are highly glazed, as is the Artic, which forms the teapot lid. The lid knob, spout and handle are covered in 18ct gold gilding. The whole teapot is just breathtaking in its entirety. Paul told us that he spent hundreds of hours working on this piece, far more than he should have, but it was definitely worth it as far as we are concerned, it really is stunning! Produced in 2000 this is teapot No.86 of the very Limited Edition of 500 and the base shows points of the compass as part of the backstamp. It is signed by Paul Cardew and co-signed by three other talented people from the Cardew design studio who contributed to the whole production: Chris Bennett, Gary West and Tom Johnson.

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Approx Dimensions:-

6.5 in (16.5 cm) tall

9.5 in (24 cm) spout to handle

No. 86/500 

Cardew Studio Range

The Cardew Studio range of products are very special items. The complex and astounding results were designed by Paul Cardew and ONLY produced at the pottery in Woodmanton Farm, England. Each incredible design from this range had very limited editions, some as low as 500 and only ever a maximum of 2,000. Hours and hours of work went into the production of these premium editions, making them truly works of art. Due to the highest levels of manual studio skills that were lavished on these designs, each piece is totally unique with no two pieces being the same. Although completely contrasting in their designs, from Disney to Eterni-Tea, each one is unparalleled in it's demonstration of quality, technique and individuality. Paul Cardew's reputation and incredible skills as a sculptor and potter, along with his ingenuity and wit, have made this, the Cardew Studio range, THE most elaborate and collectable he has ever produced. 

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