Susan Williams-Ellis bought the Kirkham's Factory in 1961. Amongst the collection of artifacts she acquired was a small collection of Victorian transfers. Susan experimented with these and one of the more successful stock print transfers was a brown and black pattern that was reminiscent of a Marble style pattern. Using similar style pre-made ware that she used when she created the fabulous Moss Agate range, Susan tried the Marble transfer on these items at the same time period. As there was only a very small amount of Marble transfers to use it was not put into full production. These pieces are extremely rare but incredibly striking to look at, particularly with the hint of gilding on some pieces.

Portmeirion Pottery Marble Coffee Cup And Saucer, MBL2

Price: £175.00

Portmeirion Pottery Marble Teacup And Saucer, MBL3

Price: £350.00