One of the standout features of 1960's style was to incorporate Victorian images into the current modern designs. Susan had already used this format when she used Chemist Prints found in the archives of Kirkham's after she took it over. What Susan now required were other light hearted motifs. She found and extracted these from adverts for corsets in Victorian women's fashion magazines. Susan combined both the illustrations and descriptive text from the adverts creating whalebone corset motifs such as 'Khiva' and 'Swanbill' available from The Ladies Warehouse, Piccadilly. The designs, in black, were printed onto mugs, Serif shaped coffee ware, storage jars, dinner plates and other flatware and in the 1970's on chamber pots and jumbo cups.

Portmeirion Corsets One Pint Imperial Tankard, SM-COR1

Price: £75.00

Portmeirion Corsets White Dinner Plate, SM-COR2

Price: £120.00

Portmeirion Pottery Corsets Storage Jar, COR4

Price: £25.00